What is this?

Dreadnought Despair is a sci-fi/comedy/murder mystery fic starring a cast of all original characters! It’s loosely based on the Danganronpa series and borrows from its setting and story/gameplay structure, but you don’t need any previous knowledge of the series to follow along. Here’s some info [about the setting] if you’re curious (it does differ substantially from canon!)

The story is written in a mix of paragraph style and the script format used by the [English fan translation] that originally made Danganronpa popular in the US. This means you’ll see plenty of descriptive text, but also lots of sprites, illustrations, and pseudo-CYOA elements! Class trials are written in [Twine] and feature fully branching dialogue and multiple choice questions (don’t worry, wrong answers just get you extra dialogue!)

Who’s the author?

My name’s Amelia (she/her) and I’m a piano teacher and artist currently scrounging around for a day job! My professional™ social links are [here] but I’m mostly on [mastodon] and my [personal tumblr.] Depression sucks and I tend to disappear from social media for long stretches of time, but I’m absolutely flabbergasted at the response to this fic and I love all my readers!

What art/writing/music software do you use?

I have a list of software recs [right here!]

Haven’t I seen some of these characters before?

About a third of the cast are characters I’ve played in tumblr RP groups before, haha. If you know spoilers about them I’d appreciate it if you don’t tell, but in a lot of cases backstories have been revised and rewritten so the spoilers may not even be true in this canon ;p


  • thank u roadie for being my loyal beta reader
  • thank u jacob for being my official mono-9000 theatre consultant
  • thank u victor for helping my murder cases to not suck
  • thank u will for being a not-terrible brother and helping with music
  • thank u jen for correcting my german
  • and THANK U FOR READING!! have a great day