[Software Recs]

Here’s the software I use in the process of making this fic!


[Notion] (Windows/Mac/Linux/Browser/iPhone/Android)

THIS WEBSITE CHANGED MY LIFE. That isn’t even an exaggeration. It’s replaced Evernote, my bookmark manager, and the entire suite of Google Docs/Sheets/Calendar for me, and every update adds things I didn’t know I needed. I use this for writing all the posts, outlining, keeping notes on everything, project management, reminders, budgeting, shopping lists, D&D campaign organization, etc etc. $5/mo is an absolute steal.

[Twine] (Windows/Mac/Linux/Browser)

An awesome little opensource program for building interactive fiction! I’m using it to code the trials, which allows for fully branching dialogue that can change depending on the order of the choices you make. You can also use it to make a flowchart/mindmap if you want– I know my friend roadie does this! (casually promos her fangan)



Formerly known as Manga Studio, this digital painting software is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to inking in particular. I do my sprites, CGs, and comics in this program. If you plan on doing comics in particular, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing this when it’s on sale (just $25!)

[Krita] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

A free digital painting program that imho easily beats out Photoshop and SAI when it comes to more painterly stuff, once you get the hang of the interface. I use it for most of my other art, from ask doodles to full-blown character portraits/wallpapers.

[Serif Affinity Designer] (Windows/Mac)

$50 may sound like a lot, but that’s a one-time payment for a program with basically all the functionality of Adobe Illustrator and no monthly subscription to Creative Cloud. I use it for maps, banners, and putting together any typography-heavy images.

[Aseprite] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

My favorite pixel art program! It costs $15 and the interface takes some getting used to, but it’s absolutely worth the money for all the pixel art-specific features it has. Be sure to give the manual a read-through for all the neat little shortcuts!


[LMMS] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

A sequencer tool along the lines of GarageBand! There’s a little bit more of a learning curve but once again, it’s completely free. I used this to make the Chapter 1 execution track.

[Cakewalk] (Windows)

This DAW used to be $200, but the program’s new owner decided to make it free! The interface is a little scary, but it’s an extremely powerful music creation tool with the right VSTs (I get a lot of use out of Tone2 Firebird and Tyrell N6!) I’m using this for all the music I make from now on.

[Loopcloud] (Windows/Mac)

An extremely handy little loop/sample organizer that you can hook up to your DAW to automatically preview samples at the same tempo and key as the project you’re working on! There’s free samples every week and an extensive built-in store, too.

[Audacity] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Free and extremely powerful audio recording and editing tool! I use this to add sound effects and touch things up in the music (and also for stupid mashups.) Cakewalk does a lot of the same things, but I haven’t figured it out yet :p


[Wordpress] (other)

The software this very site runs on! I grabbed some hosting on Namecheap and it was surprisingly easy to get up and going. Changing all the colors and fonts does take some CSS, though.

[Brackets] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

An absolutely baller code editor if you’re doing any sort of front-end webdev. Be sure to enable Experimental Live Preview if you use a browser other than Chrome!

[Local] (Windows/Mac)

This program makes it super easy to set up a local WordPress install for testing purposes, and the Live Link option is great for testing how your site looks on different devices! (don’t be threatened by the ads, you don’t have to buy server hosting from flywheel to use this lol)


[Drawpile] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

One of my favorite pastimes! Sometimes the public server gets overloaded, but if you can nab a spot you can set up a canvas to draw with your friends! Sometimes a little buggy, but still a heck of a lot better than old school paintchat or oekaki boards.

[CamScanner] (iPhone/Android)

If you draw traditionally PLEASE check this out! It’s free and lets you adjust for skew if you don’t take a picture of the paper straight on!

[Inkscape] (Windows/Mac/Linux)

If you don’t have the $50 for Affinity Designer, you can grab Inkscape for free. It’s clunky and slow sometimes, but it does work, and is a good sight better for making maps than MS Paint at least!