[Sector 1]

(Tapping on the name of each room pops up a little blurb at the bottom of the screen. It seems, from the general tone of the descriptions, that MONO-9000 wrote these.)

Cafeteria – Getting hungry? Just stop by the Dreadnought’s Cafeteria for your three square meals a day! All food is fresh from our on-board hydroponic gardens, cooked to perfection and never poisoned- or your money back!

Kitchen – Maybe you want to make something for yourself? Try out our state-of-the-art kitchen, with granite counters, restaurant-grade ovens, and stainless steel knives! Lots of knives.

Pantry – Enough food here to last a decade and satisfy any craving you have! As long as those cravings are approved by the health board of Hope’s Peak Academy. So no instant coffee, sorry Tiffani!

Recreation Room – Feeling a bit stir-crazy? The rec room is the place to be! Challenge your friends to a game of pool, kick back and watch a few B-movies, try and get that old Nintendo up and running… or you know, kill someone to escape your starbound prison!

Library – Things getting too noisy in the rec room? Head to the library for some old-fashioned reading by cozy lamplight! Do kids even read books these days? AO3 is where it’s at! Maybe you can try getting there from the computer catalog.

Laundry Room – Even you neckbeards have to wash your underwear at some point, right? Well, our washers and dryers are top of the line, and you won’t run out of detergent or bleach anytime soon! Even if you use it for non-laundry purposes~

Restrooms – THIS is where you’re supposed to pee, okay? NOT ON THE FRAKKING COUCH! There’s guys and girls restrooms, but really, who cares which one you use? Not me! I’m just here for the murder!

(These are… not very helpful. Seems like I’ll need to explore the new areas for myself to learn anything worthwhile…)