[Sector 2]


This post contains major spoilers for Chapter 1.

Apparently we have access to a new part of the space station. Looks like MONO-9000 has… revised the descriptions on this map, too.

Gymnasium – The heart of the Athletics Sector features a NCAA-approved basketball court and all the sports equipment you can think of, so (slam bam thank you ma’am) get on the floor and jam! Or not, since half of the athletic ones are dead or out of commission.

Pool – It’s not Olympic-sized, but this pool is plenty big enough for swimming laps, doing water aerobics, or checking out babes in swimsuits. Features some handy changing stalls so you don’t catch cold walking around the station in a bikini! 

Workout Room – This room is packed with weights and exercise machines of all shapes and sizes. Now’s your chance to lose a few pounds so the photo of your corpse in the next MONOFile looks extra flattering!

Yoga Room – Need some peace and quiet? The yoga room’s walls are soundproofed and the lighting specially engineered to calm your nerves! Maybe if you meditate hard enough you’ll forget that you’re trapped here until you commit first-degree murder!

Clinic – Someone broke your ribs playing dodgeball? Head to the clinic for all your first aid needs and basic medical supplies! You probably have bigger problems if someone actually broke your ribs playing dodgeball, though.

Track – This track circles the entire perimeter of the Athletics sector– it even goes behind the clinic! Maybe not the most scenic view, but it beats running circles in your room.

Student Lockers – Every student on the station has a locker for personal items and talent-related supplies! Ishi, Guga, Michi and Honoka, you’re the lucky ones this time! Well, two of you are the lucky ones. Maybe just one.