[Prologue – 001]

Illustration of the protagonist facing away from the viewer, looking up at a tall brick building that bears the emblem of Hope's Peak Academy. He's very tall and thin, with long brown hair blowing in the wind.

April 5, 20██. It was a clear sunny day in █████, Japan, just chilly enough to give me an excuse to wear my favorite sweater. The building that stood in front of me was… beautiful, even more resplendent than the lush green trees and gardens that framed the grounds. The brown brick, glass, and steel towered several stories high, and the silvery emblem of Hope’s Peak Academy glittered in the sunlight.

This building was the holy grail of education, a place for the most talented students in the world to learn and grow beyond all expectations, and inspire the world with their work. I never thought I would get to see it with my own eyes…

And yet, I was standing right there at the looming entrance, about to walk in. I was a student at Hope’s Peak Academy!

Illustration of Timaeus Woodworth. He is a tall, thin teenager of Indian and Irish descent, with a large nose, bright green eyes, round glasses, and very long hair pulled into a half-ponytail. He's wearing a red turtleneck, holding some books, and waving at the viewer.

My name is Timaeus Woodworth, and I’m the Super High School Level Librarian. I specialize in book restoration and preservation, and according to the invitation letter, I was chosen by Hope’s Peak for my work at Yale in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, repairing and maintaining books from as early as the 1400s.

Timaeus grins.

“Super High School Level…” The title might sound goofy, but it was an incredible honor! My folks and I were absolutely ecstatic to find that invitation letter in our mailbox, and those last few weeks were a bit nuts, haha. Filling out paperwork, shopping for dorm stuff, wrapping up extraneous projects at my library so I could focus on schoolwork full time… it was all kind of a blur, and then all of a sudden, I was there, you know.

As excited as I may have been, I was still very, very nervous. It’s a wonder my legs didn’t give out as I climbed the steps to the doorway, chewing my lip and rubbing my fingers along the braid my sisters put in my hair that morning. I put my hand out to the doorknob, and…

Timaeus looks off to the side, with a serious expression.

…This is where my memory starts going blank. I remember bits and pieces, faces of friends I made, one or two of the assignments I worked on… but most of it has either completely vanished from my mind, or is too jumbled and incoherent to make sense of. How did I manage to forget years worth of my life at my dream school? I still don’t understand it entirely myself.

For the sake of moving things forward, I’ll pick up this story at the next thing I remember clearly after opening that door– waking up on a cold metal floor, thousands of miles from home…

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  1. SHSL timaeus stan January 18, 2019 at 3:37 am

    god tim is too good for a killing game 🙁


    1. it’s tru :”(


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